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Summer at Cara d'Or
The beautiful flavour of Cara d’Or Summer will enrich your skin with the warmth and glow that summer involves.

Add a splash of summer to your life with Cara d’Or Summer shower gel. Refresh and hydrate your skin with a little summer sweetness.
Cara d’Or – a German engineered quality shower gel- is designed in six different varieties linked to the six seasons in India in order to accompany you through the annual cycle of life.

The unique scents delight your senses and stimulate your soul while enjoying every season with the spirit of Cara d’Or.
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Our poem of the month:
When you feel the sun warm and free
And see its rays sparkling the sea
It is time to live in harmony.
Cara d'Or shower gel comes in bottles of 300ml, produced in India, is not tested on animals and is based on a special formula to hydrate your skin every time you using it.
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